Make Mom Feel Special On Your Big Day: Tips for Choosing the Best Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses

It may be your big day, but imagine how proud your mom must feel to know that her daughter is getting married to the man of her dreams? It’s a day she probably thought of the day you were born and continued to contemplate the day you started kindergarten up until you left for college.

Even though you might have chosen your perfect bridal gown, it’s time to think about what mom is going to wear because next to you, she needs to look radiating on your special day. After all, she did give you life! Oh, and let’s not forget about your mother-in-law, because she’s going to play a huge part of your new life now since you’re married to her son.

It’s never too early to get on her good side and choosing the perfect dress will help her soften up to you just a little bit more! According to The Knot, picking a dress for mom should be a combination of her choice and what goes well with the colors/theme of your wedding so compromise is key.

Another key factor is to start shopping early, because chances are, you’ll probably be looking for the right dress for mom and mom-to-be for a while! Here are some beautiful dresses your mom or mother-in-law will love to wear for you big and special day!

1. Conservative Mom

70925_300pxIf your mom is shy and conservative in her usual dress choices, chances are, she’s not going to wear something too flashy, dramatic or crazy sexy. This dress is perfect since it’s classy and sophisticated and has a matching jacket in case she doesn’t like to show her arms (as some moms do).

2. Sophisticated Mom

70919_300pxIf your mom is full of class and sophistication, this dress nails her style! The ankle-length dress is fitted but not too tight and drapes lovely around the shoulders, providing a soft and feminine look your mother will love!

3. Flashy Mom

70918_300pxIf your mom loves the spotlight and attention and is always dressed for show, then more than likely, she’s going to want something that turns heads. Next to you, she wants to be the best dressed at your wedding and so a dress like this will certainly have her as the talk of the night (besides you, of course). Adorned with lots of tulle and lace, this dress is perfect for making a beautiful statement at your wedding.

4. Mother-of-the-Groom Dress

70712_300pxThis dress can be for either your mom or mother-in-law, but makes the perfect neutral dress for a mom-in-law who wants something simple yet beautiful. The V-neck will flatter many body types while its subtle flashy accents is just enough to make it stand out.

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