Alice Padrul Chicago Wedding Dresses

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Alice Padrul - Chicago Wedding DressesAlice Padrul is famous for her elegant, modern and sexy; prom dresses and bridal dresses the state Chicago. In 1983 she started her own gown company that sold to five major department stores and three hundred specialty stores around the world. With in time she transitioned into designing wedding dresses in Chicago Illinois and providing accessories for all her beautiful dresses.

Alice Padrul Chicago wedding dresses has been recognized in many magazines for her stunning, glamorous, attractive and breath taking dresses. Giving her brides 100 percent satisfaction, intimate experience and providing the gown of the brides dreams. Her bridesmaid dresses Chicago; does not fall short from being absolutely amazing and has the best vintage dresses. Her plus size dresses are designed to compliment the silhouette, which enhances her natural beauty, is most flattering and elegant.

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Alice Padrul - Chicago Wedding Dresses

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Their private bridal studio is where you will receive assistance in selecting your dress or customized dress and all your wedding needs. When customizing your own dress a model pattern will be made to get your accurate measurements. Then after all accurate measurements are done; then the expert sewing staff will start creating your dress. When the dress is complete; a final fitting will be done to finish the final touches.

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There are many wedding dress stores in the state of Illinois, but makes Alice Padrul set apart from other designers; is her high standards, unique style, creative vision and superior ability to pay attention to every intricate detail.

Another feature she has; is the option to design your own one of a kind wedding dress. Instead of going to boutiques looking for designer wedding dresses or for a used wedding dress rental; create your classic and affordable one of a kind dress.

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